L o s t 

It’s hard to know where to go, when you have no idea where to begin.  Feeling -lost- Is it part of being my age?  I don’t know what I like, enjoy, want anymore  I say I want connection, but fail at the effort.  Not sad, not happy, just here 

American Youth, Post 1

You want to know the beautiful thing about life? Things will happen to you, to everyone, whether you fret or not. Bad things, good things, things. Whether you let anxiety eat you as you lay paralyzed in your bed or you simply walk out the door and let the sunshine take you into a new…

The unbearable {anxiety} of being

The last few months have been the most challenging of my life. I have been changed, already. I can’t believe today is November 1st and it’s actually chilly in New Orleans. I am trying to abandon my need for good writing so I can just get down some details of my life the last few…

RANGEMARK: Beautiful & Organic Screen Printing

Today I wanted to highlight a high school friend, Kathryn Allison’s, screen printing business Rangemark. If you know anything about screen printing, you know it’s an incredibly lengthly and unique process. Kathryn has managed to convert that process and use it to make these incredible textiles. The products are lovely and organic, with brilliant patterns. Each…

Country Life

  My mom planted herbs in tires on the outside of her garden. She was creative before Pinterest. How adorable and lovely.