American Youth, Post 1

You want to know the beautiful thing about life?

Things will happen to you, to everyone, whether you fret or not. Bad things, good things, things.

Whether you let anxiety eat you as you lay paralyzed in your bed or you simply walk out the door and let the sunshine take you into a new place of mind.

You may have no money in your bank account, not even enough to feed yourself lunch. Your material possessions may disappear. You may lose a job you love, or loath the job you have. Your lover may leave, your father may develop Alzheimer’s at 50. Your children may be taken from you. You will feel the weight of life, I guarantee it… but believe me it will happen with your anxiety and worries or without. With your tears or with your happiness.

Let life happen. Don’t avoid experience and pain because it makes you uncomfortable. When you get uncomfortable is when you learn to survive. No it may not always be where the “magic”  happens, but it is, indeed, where living life happens.

The present is all we have, the past is already finished and the future hasn’t arrived yet.

You will never be happy trying to find happiness. Life isn’t being happy, life is being.


The unbearable {anxiety} of being

The last few months have been the most challenging of my life. I have been changed, already. I can’t believe today is November 1st and it’s actually chilly in New Orleans. I am trying to abandon my need for good writing so I can just get down some details of my life the last few months.

They have been such a long, fast world wind of a beautiful storm. So many feelings have been dealt with, so many challenges I have faced.. I don’t think I necessarily dealt with them gracefully, but I tried to.


Up until now…

This blog served as a random curation for me.. but now, I’m changing it to my NOLA blog. AS some people know and some people don’t, I moved to New Orleans two weeks ago to serve as a Teach For America Corps Member in Greater New Orleans. I will be teaching science [chemistry, physical and environmental] at an alternative high school here.


New Orleans is crazy and moving is hard… I’m going to try my best to post occasionally here about my happenings in this town.

RANGEMARK: Beautiful & Organic Screen Printing

Today I wanted to highlight a high school friend, Kathryn Allison’s, screen printing business Rangemark.

If you know anything about screen printing, you know it’s an incredibly lengthly and unique process. Kathryn has managed to convert that process and use it to make these incredible textiles.

The products are lovely and organic, with brilliant patterns. Each piece is truly a work of art.

I live for homegrown businesses like this and can’t wait to order pillows for my new place when I move to New Orleans this summer.

& RangeMark was just awarded a $10,000 grant from the Seed Project, so look out for big things for this company!



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Make sure to check out all of the beautiful products at RANGEMARK.

Life is Not About Quotes About Life


Life is not about quotes about life


Megan Vennette



I found this today & I really, truly felt it.

I read the quote & it rang in me.

Lately, I have been falling back into the life that I love, after a long year of transitional hell.

Slowly, but surely I seem to accept life as it comes, but some times we can all get caught up.

Caught up in the quotes, the pictures, the social media and, even, the story.

Our lives are not about the story, not today.

My life is about where I am, right now, in this very moment.

& I feel it, & I fear it &  I love it.

Fresh Up: Mint Benefits + Mint Water Recipe

The last week I have been feeling horrible. Very bloated, lethargic and overall unhealthy. I dove off the deep end with my eating a few weeks ago, and finally am aiming to get back on the path. It’s funny how one treat can spiral you into one crazy hurricane of a health-less diet.

To get back on board, I reviewed different recipes I have stowed away and some new ones from [of course] Pinterest. I had pinned a “Skinny Water Recipe,” that I honestly laughed at the first time I saw it. Water is amazing all by itself and doesn’t need fancyin’ up.

When I revisited the water recipe though, I saw it included Mint & I remembered a recent article I had read about the benefits of mint, among many other studies I’ve seen. Anywhere I can add in the “good stuff” easily, I go for it.

The article had this infographic, highlighting some of the benefits of Mint.

Benefits of Mint infographic

You can obviously make this water glass by glass or by pitcher; I made mine by 2 liter, because I wanted to carry it with me to the office & stick it in the work fridge.

The Recipe was quite simple & I made my own modifications. I feel that recipes should [almost] always be made personal, so with this specific recipe you can use as much mint/lemons as you want & add in anything else that gets you excited!

[Some good ad-ins may be Lime, Cilantro or even some berries for flavor!]

Mint Tea in Mason

I first chopped up about 5 Mint leaves

[Chopping is best for the Mint leaves, in comparison to mincing. You don’t want the leaves too small, so they won’t stop up a straw ]

I then sliced a whole lemon, by cutting it in half long-ways, then cutting each half into wedges.

[It’s more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion, to slice the lemon whole into round pieces, but since I used a 2-Liter, I had to fit them in the opening. ]

I put all of the cut lemon and chopped mint in the 2-Liter & next I poured in a 3/4 cup non-flavored coconut water.

Coconut water is incredibly refreshing, but I only used a small amount relative to the the 2-liter, because I wanted a mostly plain water base.

I filled the remaining portion with water from my sink that was filtered through my Pur faucet filter.

I carried it to work & am almost finished with the entire 2-liter! It just tastes like lightly-flavored water and incredibly refreshing. #NOM

Mint Water in 2 Liter picture

Have any other water recipes you love? I am now thinking of creating a water-recipe Pinterest board. To be linked later! EDIT: I made a “Frisky Water” Pinterest Board. ENJOY!

🙂 Happy Monday!