I got my start in teaching through Teach for America – where I was placed in New Orleans.

I served for two years at the Orleans Parish alternative school.

During this time I cut my teeth in teaching, and learned immensely about the profession.

I taught students in grades 7-12 that were expelled from their previous public school and sentenced to my school.

I taught Physical Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology, and all levels English Language Arts.

I also was taught special education and served as the interim special education coordinator for 5 months.

More than my subjects, I had the opportunity to gain a plethora of meaningful training, including Motivational Interviewing, Restorative Justice, Trauma informed Care, Treatment Group facilitation.

I found my sweet spot in the classroom through Project Based Learning.

Beyond my formal roles, I learned about the heart of teaching here. I did not do it for the praise, for I did not receive much of that. I did not do it for the admiration of students, for I did not receive much of that. I did it for the sanctity of education and the quality of learning – which I believe is a real deficit in my country.

I took all of my experience and packed my life away, moving across the country to sunny Colorado.

I now teach at a Gifted and Talented Creative Arts school for students in grades K-12. I serve as a learning specialist.

Most of my job consists of teaching high-need students, intervening in any behavioral situation, and assessing and evaluating students. Although this job is not as emotionally or physically demanding, I am seeing a new side of teaching. Working with very different students, but with similar needs. Basic human needs.

I will finish my Master’s of Education in December 2017 (If all goes well), where then I will beg the question yet again – what should I be when I grow up?

My heart is in education, but not the formal teaching of standards and state tests that is currently prescribed.

For teachers, parents, and students alike I have provided the drop down menu of my recommended resources, general lessons of teaching, and a few stories.

“Education is not preparation for life; It is life itself.”  – John Dewey