About Aud

Who am I?

My name is Audra Graham. I am a:

Education Specialist – Social Emotional Worker – Yoga Instructor

– Graduate Student – Creator and Curator – Woman – Daughter – Friend – Being

(The picture above is from my sister’s wedding in October 2016. The photographer was Leslie Hollingsworth. The bridesmaid dress was J Crew. The setting was my family home is Rockford, AL. The bouquets were made by my sister and I the day before her wedding. The weather was exceptionally hot. The day was one to remember.)

Lover of: art, science, and the mixture of both. Expression, aesthetics, photography, functional design, black coffee, nature, plants, flowers. Admirer of unpractical shoes.

Ruled by the moon.

Have lived in Rockville, MD., Lexingon, SC., Atlanta, GA., New Orleans, LA., Denver, CO., and Loveland, Co.

From Birmingham, AL

I like to run, dance, engage in physical activities of varied sorts and difficulty levels, be outside, walk outside, read outside, and paint.

I consider myself a: Realist, Taoist, Fighter, Lover