Happy #midautumnfestival also known as #moonfestival 💕 Every year in Eastern Asian cultures this is a celebration under the peak of the harvest moon where you celebrate the coming season, the moon cycle, and your loved ones.

This year I had many plans for this celebration- I was going to be in New York at this time with some besties. Before I left I was going to share moon cakes and release lanterns with the man I loved.

Oh, how silly our mind can be writing checks that can’t be cashed, making plans when nothing is promised.

In reality, my 2017 moon festival was spent in solitude. After visiting my father at his nursing home, I drove to my mother’s house, dubbed the country house, located in the middle of nowhere, Alabama.

I walked around our land that I have ventured on since I was a girl, yet it is still filled with such mystery (and still scares me at night.)

I put on my mom’s cable TV that is so strange to me, as I have not had access to cable in years. Made myself dinner, sat down to read, eat, reflect.

I walked into the front lawn and laid on the sidewalk to observe the full beauty of the enigmatic, bright moon.

I felt grateful for my life and its changes. It has not been a pleasant or comfortable month, but it’s been a month of reflection- a month of being.

All this to say – I am here. Humans are resilient and grit is necessary to walk through life, especially when you want to live a big, bold life full of love and adventure.

Plans change, life change, our reality changes.

Gratefulness and love can stay, but it is a choice. A hard choice.

As my father would say

“The hard choice is usually the right choice”

With that I will close with

Love & light to all

Happy Moon Festival!!




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