American Youth, Post 1

You want to know the beautiful thing about life?

Things will happen to you, to everyone, whether you fret or not. Bad things, good things, things.

Whether you let anxiety eat you as you lay paralyzed in your bed or you simply walk out the door and let the sunshine take you into a new place of mind.

You may have no money in your bank account, not even enough to feed yourself lunch. Your material possessions may disappear. You may lose a job you love, or loath the job you have. Your lover may leave, your father may develop Alzheimer’s at 50. Your children may be taken from you. You will feel the weight of life, I guarantee it… but believe me it will happen with your anxiety and worries or without. With your tears or with your happiness.

Let life happen. Don’t avoid experience and pain because it makes you uncomfortable. When you get uncomfortable is when you learn to survive. No it may not always be where the “magic”  happens, but it is, indeed, where living life happens.

The present is all we have, the past is already finished and the future hasn’t arrived yet.

You will never be happy trying to find happiness. Life isn’t being happy, life is being.



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  1. RobinGeorge says:

    So true, Audra. Wise beyond your years!

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