RANGEMARK: Beautiful & Organic Screen Printing

Today I wanted to highlight a high school friend, Kathryn Allison’s, screen printing business Rangemark.

If you know anything about screen printing, you know it’s an incredibly lengthly and unique process. Kathryn has managed to convert that process and use it to make these incredible textiles.

The products are lovely and organic, with brilliant patterns. Each piece is truly a work of art.

I live for homegrown businesses like this and can’t wait to order pillows for my new place when I move to New Orleans this summer.

& RangeMark was just awarded a $10,000 grant from the Seed Project, so look out for big things for this company!



307cc7_935036083d824ed38fe2d98c11b4649e 307cc7_de77afb7516e4e0d850a0e78914b1478 307cc7_e44b3d10a443524b011e33940294bb4a 307cc7_383b114e93594af1956563df895f5dbc 307cc7_20018e85c82c46f897d27f3dcb379f22 307cc7_b7dfe62bec464d2eaa19a13a1bb3340e 307cc7_c85958843ec041eab9fedd55811fd59c

Make sure to check out all of the beautiful products at RANGEMARK.


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