Fresh Up: Mint Benefits + Mint Water Recipe

The last week I have been feeling horrible. Very bloated, lethargic and overall unhealthy. I dove off the deep end with my eating a few weeks ago, and finally am aiming to get back on the path. It’s funny how one treat can spiral you into one crazy hurricane of a health-less diet.

To get back on board, I reviewed different recipes I have stowed away and some new ones from [of course] Pinterest. I had pinned a “Skinny Water Recipe,” that I honestly laughed at the first time I saw it. Water is amazing all by itself and doesn’t need fancyin’ up.

When I revisited the water recipe though, I saw it included Mint & I remembered a recent article I had read about the benefits of mint, among many other studies I’ve seen. Anywhere I can add in the “good stuff” easily, I go for it.

The article had this infographic, highlighting some of the benefits of Mint.

Benefits of Mint infographic

You can obviously make this water glass by glass or by pitcher; I made mine by 2 liter, because I wanted to carry it with me to the office & stick it in the work fridge.

The Recipe was quite simple & I made my own modifications. I feel that recipes should [almost] always be made personal, so with this specific recipe you can use as much mint/lemons as you want & add in anything else that gets you excited!

[Some good ad-ins may be Lime, Cilantro or even some berries for flavor!]

Mint Tea in Mason

I first chopped up about 5 Mint leaves

[Chopping is best for the Mint leaves, in comparison to mincing. You don’t want the leaves too small, so they won’t stop up a straw ]

I then sliced a whole lemon, by cutting it in half long-ways, then cutting each half into wedges.

[It’s more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion, to slice the lemon whole into round pieces, but since I used a 2-Liter, I had to fit them in the opening. ]

I put all of the cut lemon and chopped mint in the 2-Liter & next I poured in a 3/4 cup non-flavored coconut water.

Coconut water is incredibly refreshing, but I only used a small amount relative to the the 2-liter, because I wanted a mostly plain water base.

I filled the remaining portion with water from my sink that was filtered through my Pur faucet filter.

I carried it to work & am almost finished with the entire 2-liter! It just tastes like lightly-flavored water and incredibly refreshing. #NOM

Mint Water in 2 Liter picture

Have any other water recipes you love? I am now thinking of creating a water-recipe Pinterest board. To be linked later! EDIT: I made a “Frisky Water” Pinterest Board. ENJOY!

🙂 Happy Monday!


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